Fifty years ago a number of photos ranging from 1954 through 1957 were buried in a time capsule at Sacramento High School. Recently they were unearthed. Following are scans of those photos with whatever identifying information was on the back (if any). Photo number is at the bottom of the photo. Many of the individuals are unidentified. Any identifications will be added to the captions. Please send your identifying information to

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Photo Number 1 - Closest to camera, clockwise: Ed Ong, ?, Eugene Lee, Mike Smith, Herbert Fong, Ron Massa, Ron Calhoun, Henry Reimers


Photo Number 2 - Candlebearers for Graduation June 1956 (this being our centennial year they were dressed as such)

Photo Number 3

Photo Number 4


Photo Number 5


Photo Number 6 - Curtis Casey


Photo Number 7


Photo Number 8 - Marilyn Funk, ?, Norma Young, Kim Harada, Marilyn Van Camp, Judy Trainer, ?, ?, Judy Roberts


Photo Number 9 - Kings and Queens Candidates for first annual Block S – G.A.A. Carnival ‘Midway Frolics’ SHS Pavilion King – Curtis Casey (6th from left) Queen – Joan Cannon (at microphone) April 26, 1957 Introduced at Spring Sports Rally


Photo Number 10 Spring Sports Rally (Calypso Clip) April 1957 Jerry Conway at mower

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