Fifty years ago a number of photos ranging from 1954 through 1957 were buried in a time capsule at Sacramento High School. Recently they were unearthed. Following are scans of those photos with whatever identifying information was on the back (if any). Photo number is at the bottom of the photo. Many of the individuals are unidentified. Any identifications will be added to the captions. Please send your identifying information to

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Photo NumPhoto Number 31 - Installation of Officers Spring 1957: Outgoing Officers - Seated: Jim Downton, Charley Clementson (standing and administering the oath of office), Seated: Alan Hearl, Joan Carleton, Bob Buckman. Standing: President Curtis Casey, not pictured - out with a broken leg Girls V.P. – Joan Cannon, Boy’s V.P. – Jay Rich,  Secretary – Marilyn Funk,  Head Yell Leader – Toni Cekelovich


Photo Number 32 - Student Body and Class Election January 1957 Assembly Hall in Main Building


Photo Number 33 - Centennial Dress-up Day June 1, 1956 l. to r. Mrs. V. Smith, Jack Hansen, Marliene Ehrich

Photo Number 34 - Clock Tower


Photo Number 35 - Student Body Officers Spring of 1957 – President  - Curtis Casey, Girls V.P. - Joan Cannon, Boys’s V.P. – Jay Rich,
Secretary – Marilyn Funk, Head Yell Leader – Toni Cekalovich


Photo Number 36 - Basketball Game During 1955-56 Season Sacramento B’s versus El Camino B’s Sacramento won game.  Sacramento Community Pavilion


Photo Number 37 - Class Council of 1957 Class – Taken in Spring of 1955


Photo Number 38 - Songsters



Photo Number 39 - X-Ray Staff School Newspaper Founded 1919 Fall and Spring Staff 1956-1957
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Photo Number 40 -

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