Fifty years ago a number of photos ranging from 1954 through 1957 were buried in a time capsule at Sacramento High School. Recently they were unearthed. Following are scans of those photos with whatever identifying information was on the back (if any). Photo number is at the bottom of the photo. Many of the individuals are unidentified. Any identifications will be added to the captions. Please send your identifying information to

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Photo Number 21 - Low Sr. Officers 1956 Fall - June Jackson, Robert Kirkwood, Connie Carlson, Marilyn Van Camp, Jay Rich, Mary Davis


Photo Number 22 - Clockwise, Judy Jacobson, ?, Donna Anderson, ?, Paula Sahagian, Roberta Rossi, Mary Davis, Sally Moore, Sharon Smith, Barbara House, Darlene Kennedy.


Photo Number 23

Photo Number 24 - Centennial Dress-up Day June 1, 1956 Lewis Pond in far left


Photo Number 25 - SHS Songsters Sen. Cl. 1956 l .to r. Judy Parkinson Marilyn Garibaldi Dona Anderson Marilyn Funk, Gayeann Middlekauff  Judy Jacobsen


Photo Number 26 - Inner Court in the Fall. A similar photo appeared inside the front cover of the 1957 Yearbook.


Photo Number 27 - Band at Football Game Fall 1954


Photo Number 28 - Windy Night at football game Fall 1956


Photo Number 29 - Low and High Sophomore Officers 1954-1955
Left to Right – Mary Davis – Vice President, Judy Lemen – Secretary, Dona Anderson – Treasurer, Dick Graver – President , Jay Rich - Senator


Photo Number 30 - SHS Drill Team – Thanksgiving Day Game  McClatchy vs. SHS November 1955

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