Fifty years ago a number of photos ranging from 1954 through 1957 were buried in a time capsule at Sacramento High School. Recently they were unearthed. Following are scans of those photos with whatever identifying information was on the back (if any). Photo number is at the bottom of the photo. Many of the individuals are unidentified. Any identifications will be added to the captions. Please send your identifying information to

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Photo Number 41 - Fred Scheidt and Larry Coll dressed in costume for Centennial Activities June 1, 1956


Photo Number 42 - Studious seniors with a few lowerclassmen Physics Spring 1957


Photo Number 43 - Sacramento High Carwash – Pat Hansen, Henry Rodegerdts, Pat Cheonis washing cars to make money for all night graduation party “Diploma Daze” June 12-13, 1957 10:30 PM to 5:00 AM  Food and Hobbies Building State Fair Grounds


Photo Number 44 - Sacramento Vs. McClatchy Big Game November 24, 1956 Sac won 19-14.  We won the Governor Warren Perpetual Trophy after 11 years of competition. One year being a tie score.


Photo Number 45 - June Jackson, Paula Sahagian, Lorna Anderson, Marilyn Van Camp, Donna Anderson, Marilyn Funk


Photo Number 46 - The Centennial Parade Float June 1, 1956 12 and 13th Street on “K” Street


Photo Number 47 -


Photo Number 48 -


Photo Number 49 - Huge cake in Dr. Sessarego’s (principal) office on night on Centennial Ball June 2, 1956.  It was eaten the following Monday by the students in the school cafeteria.


Photo Number 50 - Centennial Parade Float June 1, 1956 12th and 13th on “K” Street

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